Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 143: That's where you'll find me.

After reading Sonnet 143 and eating a banana this morning, I went with Papa to watch Priya's volleyball tournament. It was really fun, she played really well, and I gained a new appreciation for team sports, the closest to which I have experienced is Certamen. :)

In between her matches, we got lunch from Wendy's. I don't know why food was really important to me today, but my spicy chicken sandwich and frosty float were absolutely scrumptious. Papa and I also picked up lunch for Mama and took it to her at the open house she was hosting.

When we learned that Priya would be at the gym until 8:00 this evening, we dropped by to take her a snack as well, and I quizzed her a bit for the History test she has tomorrow (iPhone studying is the best!).

Back home, I had just started packing when I received a surprise visit from my sister Iman! She had dropped by to say "bye" one more time, and give me a really thoughtful farewell present. My favorite part was the note she wrote me, and the word "HUG" on the box of chocolates (Iman gives really good hugs!).

Totally touched and full of Mama's garden vegetable soup, I did a few loads of laundry before continuing to pack for my upcoming sojourn in India. I then worked out, and now prepare to watch a movie with the fam. I hope I'm ready for my last day at Flint Hill!


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