Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 142: We better find each other.

I read Sonnet 142 today after my weekly phone call to Woojin. I then spent most of the morning figuring out my travel plans for next week. Let's just say I'm excited.

For lunch, Papa took Priya and me to Cosi (Bombay chicken salad for the win), where Mama later joined us. I also got to introduce Priya to the delectable s'mores there, which, as one may imagine, elicited a lot of hugs from my little monster!

After our meal, Priya and I browsed the Town Center as Mama shopped, and we ran into our Uncle Ramon -- what a fun surprise! We arrived home in time to enjoy a beautiful snowy sunset.

In the evening, I found two lovely sweaters for my upcoming trip before commencing a VDV (Varlet-Dictatrix-Varlet) meeting with Patrick and Nizar. When we had finally selected a place to eat (Luciano), we talked about Nizar's past, Patrick's present, and my future.

I have hair in this photo, so it obviously wasn't taken today.

After dessert had been eaten, awkward idioms had been used, and plenty of literary devices had been identified in our conversation, it was time to say, "see you Monday!" (my last day at FHS).

Now that I've earned Priya's fashion approval for my shopping, I will help Mama scan some old photos before perhaps packing and certainly sleeping.

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