Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 145: "I've never missed you because you've never left before!"

I started this morning by checking in online for my flight tonight (harder than it looks) and scanning some Baby Ratna photos for Mama's Facebook, before doing some research on grants for Gyaan Ghar.

After a nice relaxing bath, I ran some errands with Mama and then we went to the mall to get me some sneakers for my trip.

Back home, inspired by today's lovely shorts weather and my yet-to-be-inaugurated shoes, I went for a very brisk jog (sprint) outside. I then bolted indoors to do some quick ab exercises before commencing last-minute packing agenda items. With that almost done, I leapt into the shower, out of the shower, and into some sorrily sloppy sweats before we raced to Flint Hill for tonight's Band and Guitar concert. (I read Sonnet 145 in the car.)

Never have I ever enjoyed a band performance this much!! (Certainly including the time when I was a band member myself.) Under the direction of the awesome Mr. Cosby, the upper school band collaborated with the middle school advanced band to blow the audience away with Herby Hancock's "Chameleon," featuring a number of upper school legends like Patrick Sanguineti, Aaron Frederick, and Lucas Wolff.

We darted out of the auditorium before the last number, and I write from the car en route to the airport, ready for teary farewells before a long (6.25-hour) nap!

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