Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 122: I can account for optical allusions.

After Shakespeare's Sonnet 122 and phone calls with Katie and Bradley today, I wrote a short story, which then led me to perform some maintenance of the pages of this blog that display my writing. Among my reorganization efforts was the inclusion of a brief introduction to each page. I quote:

"Essays are my favorite, both to write and to read. Below, you may read some of the notable essays I have written in recent years. These are my more reflective, personal pieces, but I also have a portfolio of analytical essays I would be more than happy to share!"

"I don't really write stories. What I write are more like stream-of-consciousness chunks of words that can't really be classified as essays or poetry, though they're kind of a mix. In any case, here they are!"

"My poetry is basically patchwork. It's usually just an extension of the way I speak. My favorite poet is Marina Keegan."

"Sonnets are a form I have appreciated since I learned of them in middle school. I love to play around with them and I hope you all enjoy my games below -- it is mildly interesting to note the evolution of my style (and hopefully metrical accuracy) over time."

I spent much of the day helping Mama organize her photo albums on Facebook and then relaxing in front of the television, before Papa arrived home from India! After I had shown him my haircut and rummaged through my grandmothers' presents for us, we received a visit from our lovely neighbors!

Humzah, Sabrina, and Saaf live just up the street, and we used to play all the time (when I wasn't studying, that is), but haven't spent time together in too long.

We got to catch up with them today and planned a movie marathon to take place in a few weeks, when they return from their trip to Florida.

Having just finished the delicious snack they brought over,  I'm ready to drop by at the home at our other neighbors for a minute before a movie with the family!


P.S. Be sure to check out my latest musical cover, the last one of 2011!

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