Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 132: I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow.

I read Sonnet 132 on the bus this morning, before checking in with Ms. Deveneau. After she walked me through the process of conducting a binder check and let me help her with her stack of AP US History (APUSH) binders, I chatted with Nizar for a while before crafting a few bowls in the studio.

At 10:50, I went to the period 3 APUSH class and answered their questions on how to approach the free response question (historical essay) they will be writing in class tomorrow.

I helped a friend with an essay for the rest of the period, crafting more bowls as she read it aloud to me.

I got a little cray-cray with today's creations.

Before lunch, Ms. Cardone and I had the most beautiful conversation, which left me bowled over (no pun intended) with optimism and idealism.

At 1:30, I visited the other section of APUSH to share the same insight I had  bestowed upon their peers in the morning. This class gave me a round of applause after my talk -- thanks, period 5!

After making a few more bowls, I paid the Latin teachers a visit in room B-235 before receiving an amazing musical compliment from Adam Cleland (thanks, man!) and bounding, beaming, to the bus.

Back home, I quickly changed before tea with Anne Marie, Taylor, Claire, and Christine. It was lovely to see these Latinate ladies all home from college.

Delirious with exhaustion, Mama and I then headed to the mall to pick up a few last things Priya will need on her dog sledding expedition to Maine later this week.

We are on our way home now, where I will take a look at another sister's essay before turning in for the night!

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