Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 148: "Get in the queue like everybody else!"

The show last night was absolutely breathtaking -- quite literally, as our fellow audience members shot us frequent sidelong glances for our sighs of pain at the characters' tough choices and our squeals of joy at the actors' great voices. Laura was especially bowled over by the unbelievable effects made possible by the Queen's Theatre's revolving stage, and, as straightforward as it seems, I just can't get over the power of the vocal talent we got to hear.

Back at the Cobrigoe Hotel, we continued to marvel over the two shows we had seen as we packed our things for today.

This morning, Laura and I dragged ourselves out of bed impressively early (for us!) and checked out at the crack of eight, having been sorely overcharged for our "conplimentary" breakfast.

We lugged my luggage (cognate accusative!) to Pimlico station and waited sleepily until our absurdly overstuffed train to the airport arrived. When sitting space eventually became available, we both nodded off, but luckily arose in time to disembark at Heathrow.

Once I had checked in, we of course chose eating as the appropriate activity to commemorate my departure. After enjoying one last coffee and tiramisu together while discussing all the "usual," it was time for farewells. Thanks for a splendid time, Laurita, and see mediocre you in April! (Be thankful that you know where to go if you get hurt in London.)

I now sit aboard my flight, having been yelled at by only one airport official, and just completed my reading of Sonnet 148.

Tell the world I'm coming home!

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