Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 146: "Did you swallow a thesaurus?"

I'll admit that after the excitement of a conference call with my varlets and subsequent text messages with family (both fictive and sanguinary), it was a bit difficult to fall asleep on the plane. Coupled with the promise of chicken curry quickly identified by my talented Indian nose, rest was nearly impossible. But when I recovered from jubilation over my exit row seat to notice that the entire row behind me was empty, I enjoyed an improved quality of comfort. Three seats are better than one!

I read Sonnet 146 over breakfast on the plane before my arrival in London, where I was greeted by the sight of the always mediocre Laura K. holding a sign reading "Miss Gilbourian." My sister and I enjoyed a second breakfast katching up at Krispy Kreme before taking the tube from Heathrow to Pimlico, where we checked into our hotel and powdered our noses before hitting town!

We embarked upon a traditional double decker bus tour of the city (the Brasiliero ticketmaster said I look like I'm Brazilian!), during which a delirious Laurita babbled in French while I keenly absorbed a plethora of facts about London's history.

After the two-hour tour, we selected Spicy World (more Indian food, of course) for dinner (the Bangladeshi waiter said I look like I'm European!). Filled with chicken tikka and giggles, we gave our patronage to the Apollo Victoria Theater, watching their performance of Wicked.

Neither of us had seen the show before, and both were apprehensive at the start about whether our experience was "European" enough, but given that we spent half the show gaping at one another in astonishment at both plot and talent, we consider it a night well spent. I have never felt so many shivers run down my spine in a 2.5-hour period. Just wow.

After the show, we prowled about Victoria Station searching for available wifi networks which would allow me to publish this post, but were unable to locate one. Please allow me to apologize for the paucity of internet availability here! At night, we spent a few hours discussing our deepest secrets (i.e. middle school) before attempting to sleep.

This morning, we sit at Patisserie Valerie enjoying cappuccinos and cake for breakfast. We have a busy day planned, but I'll try to find a net cafe and check in with you all tonight!

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