Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 133: "One thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing."

I took today off to catch up on rest, and enjoyed a nice, quiet day. I started the morning with a phone call to Dadi, who filled me in on the latest at Gyaan Ghar. Click here to read what the kids have been up to!

After breakfast (or was it lunch?), I watched an episode of Gilmore Girls, my favorite show.

Life's short. Talk fast.
After a very long nap indeed (with Sonnet 133 nestled somewhere in the middle), I read the Socrates section in the Plato chapter of The Story of Philosophy.

When Priya came home from school, she told me about her day before bidding me do her laundry for the exciting trip on which she will embark tomorrow!

I also got a chance today to catch up with Bryan Kauder, a Harvard sophomore and good friend of mine, who is pursuing a really interesting opportunity in London right now. BK is interning with the American Repertory Theatre and the Young Vic on a show called Wild Swans. I know firsthand that Bryan is an incredible actor, and from the way he describes it, this internship seems like a dream!

I sign off and drag myself to work out, looking forward to returning to FHS tomorrow.

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