Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 131: Kneel and say an "ave" there for me.

After imbibing my daily dose of Shakespeare for this morning, I ingested my healthful helping of music by attending Mrs. Maddox's choir class. I nearly suffocated when we watched this video and it took my breath away. (I just watched it again and started crying because I now understand what the words mean. Please do watch.)

Next, I went to the ceramics studio and Ms. Cardone taught me a new method of making bowls -- by laying soft slab into bowls that I made and are already fired (hardened).

This technique is very efficient, and I was able to make 9 new bowls today, for a total of 22. Huzzah! As I lay the slab into my bowls, Julia's Ceramics I class came in for the second half of their demo on throwing (making pots on the wheel), which was very applicable to me. I popped a squat at a wheel and joined in as the class perfected the art of centering clay on the wheel and learned to drop a hole (make a hollow) in a vessel.

During break, I met with Ms. Deveneau to discuss ways in which I can help her AP US History class. The rest of the school day was spent on molding more square bowls in between learning to make round ones. After school, I graded a US History assignment before catching up with brothers and catching the bus home. Before leaving, I showed Dee Dee my video from yesterday, and she certainly was not the first to say the snow looks artificial -- it's not! :)

Back home, I worked out (wheel burn from throwing + rug burn from planks = ouch) and then got to work on a special project. One of my little Certaminista friends has a family tradition that each child receives a scrapbook full of memories on his/her 13th birthday, so I made an insert for her book.

What a great cooldown for me! I'm all arted out and ready for beddy.


Song of the day: http://youtu.be/DquA6KyHTos (!!!)

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