Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 129: "I can't say it enough times."

Today was overwhelmingly sleepy. After dozing late into the afternoon, I woke up to basically eat lunch and then go back to sleep.

Ιn the evening, we set out for REI in Fairfax Corner to outfit Priya for her fast-approaching dog sledding expedition to Maine. There, we met one of Mama's old colleagues from her editing days. When I mentioned that I had slept the day away, Mishka said that now is the perfect time for me to sleep, because college life and family life (i.e. kids) afford no time for rest. Therefore, just before and just after college should be extended periods of naptime!

We rushed out of the store with almost everything Priya will need on her trip, I read my 129th sonnet, and Mama and I headed to 1st Stage Theatre for a play called Parfumerie. The production preview reads "Amidst the Christmas bustle, two Budapest shop clerks bicker by day, oblivious to the fact that they've fallen in love exchanging anonymous love letters. But not everyone in the shop finds the season so enjoyable."

This theater is a uniquely intimate setting, where an audience member can be close enough to touch the actors -- as Mama and I were!

The play itself was delightful, and had Mama and me in fits of laughter throughout the second act (the first was more somber). Good plays have a way of improving our entire frame of mind, making us more optimistic, and reminding us of the power of faith in happy endings. After the show, the actors came out from backstage and into a small reception area at the theater -- it was so strange seeing them out of costume!

Sadly, today was the last day this particular play was running, but I would highly recommend checking out future productions by 1st Stage. After tonight, I know I'm going to!

As I sign off tonight, the sun rises in India to welcome January 9th, the birthday of my Nanaji (Mama's Papa). Here's sending heaps of blessings and good wishes your way, Nanaji!

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