Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 124: I'll go on singing solecisms.

I read this morning's sonnet on the bus to Flint Hill, where I will be spending my next two weeks. During this time, I will be "semi-interning" in the History department with Ms. Deveneau, helping Ms. Cardone coordinate the Clay Club's Empty Bowls fundraiser, and supporting the Classics Club as we plan this week's Certamen.

This morning, Ms. Cardone gave me my first lesson at the potter's wheel! In her demo, she taught me to "wedge" (knead the clay until it is free of excess air pockets) and "center" (position the clay in the center of the wheel). These tasks sound simple enough, but I spent at least four hours today trying to master the second of these tasks. Centering takes more brawn and far more brain than skilled potters would have it seem! I got to do a lot of thinking in between "hydrating my hands" and "locking it in" -- and realized that this lesson in ceramics is the first thing I have learned from scratch in a long time! (Driving will be the next.) What an opportunity.

Over lunch, I dropped in on Mr. Chanania with Elena and Kenneson before catching up with Ms. Deveneau and planning out how I can help her over the next weeks.

After one last ceramics lesson in centering (and cleaning the wheel after working), I headed to the Language Hallway to help out my family. For today, Kenneson and I were put in charge of (praefecti sumus) delivering some packets to mailboxes and answering the occasional grammar question students had during extra help time.

During a Chipotle run on our way home, I learned from Kenneson that "[his] doctor's office is in Chipotle!" (don't ask). The Chenster finished up his burrito at the Gill residence, and we bade him farewell and "Gute Fahrt!" for the trip to Germany on which he embarks tomorrow.

Having run some errands, I'm back home now, ready for a hot shower and some Zs. Even without the homework, high school is pretty tiring!

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