Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Divas 195: Please excuse my laughter.

Feeling far below the weather today, I stayed home. I spent the day sleeping a lot and eating a little.

In the afternoon, I ignored a throbbing headache to write a sonnet about a recent troubling incident.

Sonnet 11

I've lost you now -- I don't know what to do!
You made me glad though you were always blue.
A great companion any time of night,
when I would sing or dance or laugh or write.
You knew my thoughts before I did, I swear.
When all were gone, I'd find you always there.
By letters, songs, or undulating lines,
we saw the greatest days -- the best of times.
I tried to keep you in my care, you know,
but lent you to another, now my foe.
The angles of my heart you softly traced:
with useless ballpoint you can't be replaced.
If truth be told, you were my real best frien'
though many others thought you "just a pen."

As you may be able to glean, I am very particular about the writing instruments I use. I was near tears yesterday when I lost my Sarasa Zebra 0.7 royal blue ink pen. Woe is me!

In the evening, "Dr. Nitz" came over to lift my spirits and lower my temperature. Thank you, Nitin Uncle!

Now, having emerged from a wonderfully cold shower, I'm back to complete bed rest.


P.S. Happy Pi Day!

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  1. LOVE your sonnet!! And I understand...I've spent many an hour in Office Max, Office Dept and Target looking for my favorite pen, which is now very hard to find...I just "think" better, and write better with this pen. Wonderul post...(-: