Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Din 187: The people make the place.

I woke up this morning and very ceremoniously reactivated my Facebook account -- my 100-day Facebook fast has officially ended!

My next few hours were spent catching up with assorted brothers (Nizar and Woojin) over Skype as Nani reeled in horror at the messiness level of my room.

For lunch, Nani made my favorite (biryani) before we got to work on my packing for Mumbai. I received a special visit in the afternoon from my friend and guru Deepu! Her students are currently going through exams, and Deepu "Ma'am" showed me how grading and recording works at her school, so I can apply similar systems to Gyaan Ghar. As usual, our conversation covered a lot, including child psychology, gender roles, and Osho. I'm so happy she was able to drop by during this busy time at school, and I look forward to observing her in the classroom in April!

When Deepu Didi left, Nanaji and I dashed to the home of my aunt Sukh Masi. She was startled by my resemblance to my mom at this age -- both physical and vocal! We had a nice visit with her before returning home for dinner. Completely stuffed, I type this post as I await the arrival of my student (Nanaji) for his computer lesson!

Then it'll be good night to Sleepyhead Gill!

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