Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Divas 194: "I want to live a boring life."

I started my day with Ovid.

Then, moved by the excitement and passion with which Shivanjali Didi had yesterday described her two-day experience at the Gandhi Ashram, I started to read the book she so kindly brought me from there. I have always admired and respected Mahatma Gandhi a lot, but felt like I need to know more about his life and philosophies. This tome is perfect for my short attention plan and snail's-pace reading abilities -- the introduction sums up Gandhiji's life in 10 pages.

I decided to complete the rest of my morning's reading on the treadmill. I started with a chapter from Uncle's book and went on to continue the section on Francis Bacon in Durant's masterpiece. I walked a total of 27 pages.

For lunch, we visited Manu Uncle and Archana Auntie at their lovely home. Their family is also very interested in music, so Uncle and Papa performed old Hindi songs for us on Uncle's great karaoke system while I shared my YouTube recordings of Make You Feel My Love and The One That Got Away and Auntie showed us a presentation of her paintings.

Having eaten too much at the lovely meal, Papa and I dropped by Westside Mall, where I picked up a kurti and some bright yellow shoes.

Later, we dropped by Mumbai's historic Taj Mahal Hotel for some coffee with (a view and) Nitin Uncle and his friend Dr. Patil.

After Papa had been ridiculed enough and we'd enjoyed some refreshing beverages, I wanted to explore this unique building. Nitin Uncle arranged for me to go on a guided tour of the property (I didn't know they had such a thing!) and Viren and I were off. This excellently informed guide showed me a number of the hotel's highlights (click here to see my snaps). I wish Priya, the hotel enthusiast, could have been there!

Back home, we caught the tail end of Gaikwad Uncle's recent (Marathi) interview before I had a brief chat with Sonal.

I struggled with my camera for a while before being able to upload today's photographs and start this post. Thank goodness it finally worked!

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