Sunday, March 11, 2012

Divas 192: You're a photograph waiting to be taken.

I slept last night! We had a lazy morning, the highlight of which was Gaikwad Uncle making and reading an astrological chart for me. Takeaways: astrology is cool and I can't wait for the year 2023.

Our daily outing came in the late afternoon, when we took Papa for a spin to see some Mumbai highlights by night. We started from Marine Drive and went for a stroll along the Rio-like footpath.

We then stopped at Chowpatty, but sadly found it littered with garbage. Looks like I have my work cut out for me!

We briefly stopped at Babulnath, which looks like a modest Hindu temple from the road. However, after climbing three flights of stairs covered with pocket-sized kittens, we arrived at a very grand and elegant structure. The vibrations inside the place of worship were extraordinarily pleasant, as was the voice of the priest chanting a prayer with the accompaniment of a drum. (Unfortunately, there were no photographs allowed inside, and my clicks of the outside can't really capture the space.)

Our last stop was at one of the many pedestrian flyovers Uncle has constructed as part of the Mumbai Skywalk Project, transforming Mumbai into "Skywalk City." The structure we saw receives traffic of a million people a day, making Mumbai safer for pedestrians and more convenient for walkers and drivers alike. What I find most amazing is that the city recovered the cost of the project many times over by selling advertising space along the skyways. Remarkable!

Ratnakar G. and Ratna Kaur G. discuss Mumbai infrastructure, standing atop the Skywalk.

At home, we had a light dinner before I shared my photographs with everyone and began this post. Good night, Mumbai!

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