Friday, March 2, 2012

Din 183: I cannot be part of this cocktail generation.

I rushed out of bed this morning to put up some posters in our classroom at Gyaan Ghar, as a surprise for the kids after I left this afternoon.

I hope they like them!

With my kid sister . . .
After a yummy breakfast of potato parathas, I dropped by my sisters' house to bid Sonal and Donal goodbye. We spent a while sharing some last laughs before saying our teary farewells -- and both sisters made me promise to visit them the very day I return to Ludhiana.

Back home, I finished packing and had lunch before hitting the road to Chandigarh. Though it wasn't yet time for my students to arrive, I wished that I could at least catch a glimpse of them before leaving town. Imagine my glee when, driving out of the city, we passed a group of them walking to our learning center from school! That last goodbye is always so precious.

Whatta bro.
Ruby Chachu is great company on the road, and an especially apt gap year "educator," because he always articulates thoughts that come to his mind and explains any concepts he thinks of. Our chat en route touched on conductivity, eyeballs, and climate change, while also allowing R. Chach to snooze in between.

Once in Chandigarh, I greeted my grandparents before rushing to organize a Skype call between Priya and our dog Begum. Unfortunately, technology was not on our side this afternoon, but I'll try again tomorrow. After running about the garden with the aforementioned pooch for a while, I accompanied Nani and her ferocious beast (Toy) on a walk in the park.

Dinner was punctuated by talk of Gyaan Ghar, its full stop coming in the form of Amul Vanilla Royale ice cream, which tastes like clouds in dessert form. Then it was television shows (had to catch up on all the family dramas!) and a talk with Laura before getting comfy in the cocoon of sheets Nani prepared for me. WOW, I'm tired. Good night, moon.

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