Saturday, March 3, 2012

Din 184: I want to be heavy.

Today marks the exact midpoint of my gap year! Exactly half of my time off had elapsed at 10:30am, at which time I was getting ready while talking to my darling sister on Skype. I was able to arrange Priya's conversation with Begum (oh, and her grandparents) today.

Our day was spent on preparing for the wedding ceremony of Nani's best friend's niece, which we were to attend tonight. Nani and I spend the morning running a number of errands, including visiting the bank, picking up clothes from the tailor, and eating gelato (so maybe they weren't all errands.)

In the afternoon, we haar-shingaared ourselves and got ready to go.

Today's function was the Mehandi, where all the women on the girl's side have henna applied to their hands. I think the application process is truly captivating -- so I made a video for you all to view below.

Clearly, I was SUPER excited about my mehandi.

Once everyone was all decorated and purty, members of both families performed some dance numbers for everyone. I think the bride-to-be was the only decent dancer in the whole place (because I didn't unleash my Bhangra skills, of course).

I really enjoyed tonight's ceremony! But the marriage itself is tomorrow morning (Indian weddings go on for days) so I need to take your leave now to get my beauty sleep. Half a year down, half more to go!

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