Thursday, March 1, 2012

Din 182: Trouble is her only friend, and he's back again.

I bounded outdoors this morning to photograph my miserable painting and the inspiration on which it is based.

Here is our garden:

 Here is my perspective-less, not-to-scale, preschool-level representation of our garden:

Over breakfast, Dadi and I interviewed a candidate interested in working as an assistant teacher at Gyaan Ghar. After we told her a bit about what we do and why we do it, she shared some of her experiences working with children (including two of her own). I plan to interview more candidates when I return to Ludhiana, but it was nice to start the process today!

Then, we went out to pick up a few classroom supplies and browse Shingora, a shawl shop.

I was naturally very perplexed as I don't know how to wear a shawl, let alone choose one. But we returned home having purchased a few gifts.

It was then time for CLASS. The students said they were too distracted by my departure to work (little drama queens!) so we had an hour of exam preparation and then a farewell ceremony, including a parting prayer and, of course, a photo shoot. Click here to read more about the fun.

After too many goodbyes, I finally had to let my babies go. :(

Very weepy, I was ordered to play a round of Bingo with the ladies in the park. Thankfully, Gagan Uncle came to my rescue by coming to visit. We had a nice chat -- I got to catch him up on my gap year and he gave me his input on my education plans, as well as suggestions on what to see while in Mumbai. I also look forward to touring his family's factory when I return!

As I started this post, I was visited by a student who lives nearby and wanted to deliver some chickpeas she had cooked for me. Ratna Didi should have some shame and learn to cook herself! I sign off exhausted and in eager anticipation of Ruby Chachu's impending arrival!

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