Monday, April 21, 2014

Korea Day 2: Somnolent in Seoul

My eyes water with jet lagged fatigue as I type this post, and I've an entire essay in front of me tonight, so this'll be another brief one.

We awoke this morning (some at more normal times than others) to a breakfast buffet unlike any other. At Zest on the 8th floor of our hotel is what looks like a small marketplace but is actually just the array of food options available to start one's day at the Conrad.

After several courses each, we settled down in the lobby to settle some logistics, not without frequent interruptions of "but first, let me take a selfie!"

I put together a quick conference timetable for our team before finding myself in Nirvana, otherwise known as the gym in our hotel. I thoroughly enjoyed a few hours there to avoid beginning the essay I'm supposed to have been writing these past few days. I eventually did start the paper while the rest of the S&S team explored a local fish market.

In the evening, we met up for dinner with Mr. Hwang and Junha Kim, our gracious hosts from MoneyToday. We enjoyed a delicious meal of bulgogi and paused for a photoshoot afterwards of our coincidentally highly lavender team.

Wonderfully stuffed and with cheerful bellies, Juan and I headed home after supper to get to work on our respective assignments, but not before a stealthy trip to H&M.

It's been a relaxed but successful day, and the night will hopefully prove even more productive. Wish my disoriented mind luck and eloquence for this paper!

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