Sunday, April 20, 2014

Korea Day 1: Safe in Seoul

I won't write much as jet lag has begun it's stealthy attack on my colleagues and me, but I will say that I'm settled in the gorgeous Conrad Hotel in Seoul, amazed by the comfort of the place and the generosity of our hosts. 

Our journey began Saturday morning in Cambridge, from where Jisung, Juan, and I flew out and met up with James in New York. 

We all took off together on our 14-hour (FOURTEEN-HOUR) flight on a beautiful Dreamliner plane complete with Bibimpap + instructions and a Duty Free mall in the rear of the aircraft. (Yes, the photo below was taken behind the bathrooms on this plane...)

We've received a warm welcome from MoneyToday here, and made it to our hotel in time for dinner at the adjoining IFC Mall. Juan and I went extra creative and got butter chicken and chicken curry respectively for dinner -- but we know there's plenty of traditional Korean in store for us!

The team's getting rest now before our first big business meeting tomorrow. This is my first time traveling on work and my first time visiting an Asian country outside of India -- so I'm even more exuberant about globetrotting than usual. 

Wish me luck and sweet dreams!


  1. YAY to globetrotting & work trips!
    Get em hermanaaaaa <3
    -Your biggest fan

    1. Dear biggest fan,

      I am your biggest fan.

      -Your biggest fan