Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Korea Day 4: Sick in Seoul

Today, Juan and I donned our rapporteur hats and dove into the first day of the KEY Platform 2014 conference! He scribbled notes at this morning's Plenary Session while I snapped pictures for the Facebook page I manage for the event.

This morning's session featured speakers from a variety of countries and sectors describing what "innovation" means to them. A highlight for us undergrads was when Heather Henriksen, Director of the Harvard Office for Sustainability, connected to the conference via webcam to describe Harvard's innovation efforts within the sustainability space.

Also exciting to me was the vibe of the session as a whole -- the event has a very futuristic feel, with dramatic lighting and an interesting backdrop setting the scene for the TED-style talks. High-quality, fast-paced videos were interspersed throughout the presentations of the morning, making the event really interesting and different from other conferences I've attended.

After a colorful lunch, Juan and I returned to the action, each attending and reporting on a different Breakout Session with speakers from S&S presenting. I headed to the session on Finance, and got to hear Andrew Park, a Sustainability Manager in Bloomberg's Global Sustainability group, give a great talk on ESG (E
nvironmental, Social, and Governance) Criteria for investment.

Since the afternoon's sessions, I've just been resting, working on articles about conference speakers, and eating pho! I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's "Plug In and Talk" session, where our team of S&S speakers will have a prominent role in moderating, presenting, and discussing.

Until then, a belated happy birthday to Rome, and a very happy Earth Day to everyone who lives on this planet!

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  1. My brain is excited about all the great work you're doing and the adventure you're having but my stomach like "bentoboxbentoboxbentoboxbentoboxbentoboxbentoboxbentoboxbentoboxbentoboxbentoboxbentoboxbentobox".