Thursday, April 24, 2014

Korea Day 5: Singing in Seoul

Today was the second day of the KEY Platform 2014 conference, which featured a series of modules on business innovation through sustainability. Our S&S speakers were prominent moderators and discussants at today's three panels -- on Big Data, Ecosystem Thinking, and Hyperconnectivity. It was super fun to see all of our colleagues and new friends present, and Juan, Eric, and I were busy at work all day reporting on the conference, snapping dramatic footage of our team members, and conducting video interviews of speakers.

After a long day of presenting and reporting, the team was ready to celebrate! We set out for Gangnam (as made famous by the song) in the evening, which is full of lights and energy, and even has selfie machines on the sidewalks! (Although we couldn't get ours to work long enough to email me our photo...)

We enjoyed a traditional dinner of Galbi (Korean barbecue) and Soju before delving into another Korean favorite -- karaoke.

Ten of us colleagues piled into our own personal room at a local karaoke place, blasted background music, and belted to a slew of songs, varying significantly in both language and genre. Jisung and I had trouble not hogging the microphones as the group jammed along to its favorite tunes.

Once we had showed off enough, Juan got to display his dance skills at a club just a cab ride away.

We enjoyed the beats at Ho Bar for a while before hailing more taxis and miraculously making it back to the hotel without being able to say its address in Korean.

It was great to be able to spend this time with the whole team and we can't wait to be reunited all together again!

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