Thursday, June 20, 2013

Things making me happy right now

1. Postre of the Day

Laura and I are determined to have tried every typical Mexican pastry from our local bakery by the end of our three-week trip. For this reason, we purchase one dessert a day to split and comment on -- but always with a pain au chocolat on reserve, just in case. Below, find our samples for today.

2. Meditation Mornings

It has been awesome to learn that a number of members of the office practice meditation and yoga -- one of our colleagues, Daniela, even teaches a yoga class! Ariadna and I have decided to do a 15-minute meditation sesh in the conference room when we come in each morning: today was our first day, and it was swell.

3. My Suitcase Surprise

Having clothes to wear again is just the cherry on top! I was more than prepared to be content with my one pair of office slacks and access to all of Laura's tops, but the arrival of my luggage has been like a birthday present: there are things that I don't remember packing and things that I would have been upset to remember I didn't have anymore, and it's all here. ¡Que alegría!

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