Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mariachi, Margaritas, Mesoamerican Mountains

I had mentioned half-jokingly that our night yesterday was going to be a rowdy one, but neither of us was prepared for the 5.8-magnitude earthquake that hit the city shortly after midnight! A bewildered Laura and I ran down to the concierge and were arbitrarily assuaged by the security guard of our apartment complex. After our eventful night, Laura "coaxed" me back to our room, where we were thankful for some much-needed sleep.

We awoke today to freshly squeezed orange juice, and decided to take a girl power day trip to Teotihuacán, a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican city, with our flat-mates Adriana and Erika.

First, the four of us climbed the Pyramid of the Sun, with audacious Laura scampering ahead as the rest crawled cautiously up the narrow and steep staircase to the top of the pyramid. Once we had arrived, we took a relaxing tan-and-photos break before descending (which was difficult!) and walking over to the Pyramid of the Moon.  Adriana, Laura, and I climbed this one, which we were allowed to ascend only halfway before returning. The weather was ideal for our adventure, and had our cheeks flushed and skin glowing. 

Back at the bottom, I took a break to buy some "indigenous swag" (as Priya and I like to call it) and a pair of turquoise earrings that are the definition of my favorite color (I'm treating myself since my luggage is still floating around somewhere in San Antonio). As it started to rain, we piled back in the car, happy and exhausted, to return to the city. Adriana thought today would be a perfect day to sample a typical Mexican late lunch, so we headed to Villa María, a lively and lovely restaurant with tongue-in-cheek aphorisms painted on the walls, mariachi men serenading patrons, and enormous margaritas that are famous city-wide.

We ordered a sampler of typical Mexican dishes and chatted over the din of "La Vecina," which Adriana requested that the mariachi band play for our table. She urged me not to get carried away and join them, thinking that I know every mariachi song because of my guest performance with Harvard's mariachi band. It was difficult to resist, but luckily I was so tired from the day's hike that I could barely walk back to the car after our lunch. 

We've come home absolutely wiped out by the awesome activities of our day, and are planning to call it a night soon...perhaps after a brief Panda Express run. 

¡Viva la Mexico!

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