Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sitting, Waiting, Blogging

Laura and I sit listening to the sounds of the street at a Starbucks in “Polancito,” the posh office district near our apartment in Polanco. We’re waiting for our lovely colleague Isabel to join us before we all take a cab to work. My luggage finally came in last night, so I’m a happy camper in my favorite white lace shirt and turquoise Toms, and excited for my half day at the office today.

Our office’s culture is awesome. Centro Mario Molina has this air of progress, with people on the third and fourth floors working on literally ever issue related to sustainability imaginable -- from marine biology to nuclear energy to education for children.

We go in around 8 most days, and as people trickle into the office, they walk around and greet each of their colleagues with a kiss on the cheek and a “buenos dias,” quite a refreshing and affectionate deviation from the nods behind laptops I would expect to get at any other internship. The office space itself is very uplifting: plants and color fill the office of advanced technology and books on a range of awesome topics. It’s especially cool for me to walk around the office glancing at book titles, because every topic seems like something I would be interested in learning about, especially since so many have to do with sustainable cities. 

Every so often, a title like The Fountainhead will pop up, and I’ll grin at how much it goes with the air of the office (not in a capitalist way but in a continuous intellectual advancement way).

The office also has a cool tradition of desserts every Friday -- one which was very welcome to us last week, when it was Isabel’s turn and she made two trays of tiramisu for all of our colleagues. ¡Que delicioso!

CMM is full of some of the brightest minds in the city, it seems like, with many of our colleagues having just gotten Fulbright scholarships, and going abroad to study at Cornell and Harvard -- two of our favorite schools! It’s awesome to be surrounded by such strong minds and warm hearts, and we’re truly having a great internship experience thus far.

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