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"How's Harvard?"

I wish I could write daily and tell you guys how the move to college has been the most beautiful transition of my life, but the rampant socializing and sickness that are so quintessential to my existence tend to render this intensity of writing impractical. 

Everything is great. This week is Shopping Week, which sounds like we can all run around and take whatever classes we want for a week with neither homework nor responsibility, but actually ends up being mayhem as very few of us currently know what we're doing with our lives...or our semesters. 

I do think I know what I'm taking, and my schedule is looking like:


OEB 10: Foundations of Biological Diversity

An integrated approach to the diversity of life, emphasizing how chemical, physical, genetic, ecological and geologic processes contribute to the origin and maintenance of biological diversity. Topics to be covered include the evolution of metabolic pathways, multicellularity and structural complexity; causes and consequences of differences in diversity over space and time; the role of species interactions (including symbioses) as an evolutionary force; and the evolution of humans and their impact on the environment.

Mathematics Ma

The study of functions and their rates of change. Fundamental ideas of calculus are introduced early and used to provide a framework for the study of mathematical modeling involving algebraic, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Thorough understanding of differential calculus promoted by year long reinforcement. Applications to biology and economics emphasized according to the interests of our students.

Public Policy Approaches to Global Climate Change

Reviews what is known about greenhouse gas emissions' possible impact on climate. Explores possible impact of climate change on social and economic conditions over the next century. Investigates possible public policy responses to these developments, including actions both to adapt to and to mitigate climate change. What would be the costs of adaptation? Would an investment in mitigating the changes be worthwhile? Are there possibilities for international cooperation in dealing with the problem?

Virgil: Aeneid

Reading and discussion of Virgil's Aeneid, with attention to its place in the epic tradition and its status as a work of Augustan literature.


I was just internally groaning at how the majority of my course load looks like it will require me to employ the left (and admittedly less developed) side of my brain, before I shuffled into my Latin class and staggered out just a bit bowled over by the beauty being poured at the students for no reason but aesthetic appreciation. In my case, this appreciation also led to enthusiastic yelps which served hopefully to convince Anne Marie that this class may be an enjoyable use of her time this semester.

Perhaps my enthusiasm was caused in part by the fact that I've been deprived of academics for most of this week (and all of this year) due to the raging fever I've been rolling around in. Interestingly enough, this sickness has been a crash course in meeting my hall mates, who happen to be five of the world's sweetest and most supportive no-nonsense women. (I also have a secret theory that whoever is in charge of rooming conducted a psychological study which resulted in the selection of my roommate -- Eliza and I share wild mental similarities.)

So, all in all: life is good, the stress starts soon, and I'm off to lay in "the Yard" and work on a problem set now! I love my new home.


  1. Honored to be on of the 6 most awesome people ever :)


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