Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Could there be a better present?!

Walking to breakfast this morning, I had the weirdest thought. "My cell phone case doesn't match my outfit." Completely random and especially odd because on most days, my outfit doesn't even match my outfit. But the thought crossed my mind, and I made a mental note to request Priya to order me a case more neutral than my bright turquoise one.

I had received an email informing me of a package waiting for me in the mail room this morning, and, after breakfast with Javier, I hurried to the basement of the Science Center to check it out. Waiting for me was the most attractive and thoughtful gift I've ever seen -- a case for my iPhone. But rather than being composed of neutral colors or adorned with a brand name, this case is a patchwork of photographs taken during my gap year, of images close to my heart.

Tierney Manning is my big sister, one of many amazing female role models I'm blessed to know and have spent time with during the year. When I called her as she was in slumber (she works at the ER and spends days catching up on sleep) to leave her a squeaky voicemail thanking her for sending me the cutest thing I've ever seen, she texted me back saying, "I'm sooooooo glad you love it. I know you were stressed about leaving a chapter in your life and now you can memorialize it!" What an amazing friend. Her addendum to this was, "plus, I miss you and have an excuse to send you a picture of us!" I don't know what I've done to deserve such awesome people in my life (the one who designed the case as well as those pictured on it), but I know that this post could just as appropriately be titled "Could there be a better friend?!" Tierney, you've made my day. Again.