Friday, April 12, 2013

Opportunes NYC Tour Part I

I write from the lovely living room of Leah's grandparents' magnificent apartment in Manhattan, watching Something Borrowed, Something New to unwind after a fun day driving to New York and performing with The Harvard Opportunes en route!

The Opps met at 10am this morning, and after some logistics wrinkles, Car 1 was on its way with Madeleine driving, Rutna riding shotgun, the boys in the backseat, and Pilar squished into the back.

Our car members took turns DJing, while we sang along, at times slaughtering the lyrics to some of my favorite Regina Spektor tunes.

Early afternoon, we arrived at Meadow Ridge Retirement Community in Redding, Connecticut -- a gorgeous independent living facility developed by Leah's uncle.

I would love to have my grandparents in an Opportunes audience, so it was so special to be able to sing for both Leah's and Matt's grandparents in the audience during our set today!

After our performance and the acceptance of some ladybug-shaped gifts from enthusiastic audience members, we set out for Erin's house to unwind with Mrs. Aoyama, Mr. Aoyama, and Kapi!

As we snacked on chips and guacamole (and no peanut butter M&Ms for Dylan), the Opps decided on a movie for the afternoon in our least contentious discussion of all time: The Hunger Games. We enjoyed Catniss' climbing, Peeta's peril, and CiarĂ¡n's commentary.

After the movie, and once Reid had joined us, we sat down to a delicious dinner and divine brownies courtesy of Erin's mom. Yummm.

We piled back into our respective vehicles after dinner and headed off to the four different houses that will be hosting us tonight! Leah, Erin, Sarah, and I now enjoy a quiet and cozy girls' night complete with television, homework, and brownies. This is the life!

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