Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My past is feeling left behind.

I had a moment today when I couldn't believe that around this time last year, I was roaming the streets of southeast DC alone daily, looking for inspiration and education and adventure. I was so unafraid of being alone and became so good at it.

Well, where I am now, one doesn't have to go looking for education and inspiration. Now that it is literally at every corner, I'm already feeling like I won't have enough time to learn "it all." I don't want to concentrate in anything -- if it were possible, my education would consist of an infinite number of lectures on an infinite number of topics. But until I've designed that "Everything" major, I'll continue to vary my course selection salad as much as I possibly can.

This morning, my math and bio professors breezed so quickly through the material that it was literally risible (though perhaps I shouldn't have been the one laughing).

My seminar on climate change makes me think about my place in the world every time. Latin class drops my jaw on a regular basis.

As it started to snow today, I thought to myself: I could fall to my knees and pray to any part of this experience.

A bit too typical grateful Ratna? Maybe not. It's been not even three months and already the thought that I only have four years here is tugging at me. I already have memories here. I have found some of the friends I was searching for, and the thoughts I've always wanted to think are buoyed by the general tone of support of my peers and professors.

I'm really happy to be here...and now.

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  1. Damn. I just realised I've spent the last two hours reading here.
    Also, if you ever design the 'Everything' major, let me know? It's refreshing to see someone using an education as a pursuit of knowledge.