Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A sonnet a day keeps the cobwebs away!

Reading is to be a big part of my year.

I plan to start each of the first 154 days with one of Shakespeare's sonnets. The rest of my reading list will all sorts of novels, plays, poems, etc. One source I am using as a guideline of reading material is the Literature syllabus for Yale's amazing Directed Studies program (http://directedstudies.yale.edu/literature-books).

I welcome any and all reading suggestions!

I recently finished Rand's The Fountainhead and am just starting Hawking's A Brief History of Time. (See a complete reading list on the right.)


  1. Ratna!! (a) I just love your sonnet idea. Can I do it too?! Which one are you on? We should coordinate and discuss. (b) You should post your thoughts on the Fountainhead -- it totally consumed me when I read it at about your age (I remember sneaking away from Christmas festivities so I could hang out in my room and read it... not that Chang would say that's out of character, but I swear, I was addicted more than I usually am) and then I felt like I was awakening from a weird and not necessarily benign spell once I finished. Maybe I'll read it again. (c) I've been wanting to read A Brief History of Time too! Okay, I may just totally copy your reading list. And you. Can I just be you, please? (d) Have you read anything by Richard Russo? (e) I miss you Flint Hillions (like hellion, ha, ha, get it) so much!!! <3

  2. KATHERINE JESSE! YAY! (a) I haven't started yet, so we can totally do it together! How about I let you know when my "official" first day is (either September 3rd or the first day of my first internship) and let you know? (b) AHHH THE FOUNTAINHEAD. I was planning to post responses to each piece I read, but I have no words for this one. I completely ...get what you mean. (c) Hawking is so engaging and understanding that I forget it's science he's talking about. READ IT! You ARE being me, Miss GAP YEAR! You should make a blog! (d) Nope -- do you have any suggestions? (e) Your babies miss you, too!

  3. Hey Ratna. The FHS summer reading book that I read is actually pretty interesting. you might like it. Socrates Cafe by Christopher Phillips. Phillips goes around the nation to different cafes, schools, and libraries looking for people who are interested in philosophizing with him. He deals with numerous questions and never reaches an answer. That is not the purpose of the group but rather it is the opportunity to learn from the different beliefs and thinking of the people around you. Read it and then we can talk about it. I liked the book and the idea so much that I am inspired to start a Socrates Cafe club in school.

  4. Thanks, Nizar! That sounds awesome! Socrates is the man, to say the least.

    Wow, that club idea sounds really interesting as well--let's discuss that further!

  5. I also found a great list of "life-changing books" in the Economist: